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    Having founded seven tech-related companies since 1998, Sabda is an eager risk-taker and entrepreneur with an appetite for science and technology. With a background in computer science (Artifical Intelligence) and philosophy of science and mathematics, Sabda’s passion for science and education lead him and his business partner Medy Suharta to build Zenius in 2007, a digital learning platform promoting science and reason for Indonesian students. Having years of experience as a tutor in mathematics, physics, and economics, Sabda believes that having a generation that uses a science-based approach to problems is a crucial part of being citizens of a democratic country, especially one as large and diverse as Indonesia.

    Designed based on the national curriculum, Zenius aims to provide a great learning experience for all students in Indonesia, with a focus on science and critical thinking, igniting one’s curiosity of knowledge. Striving to create stimulating studying materials, over the years Zenius has gained a cult following, who is hoped to be a generation of lifelong learners. Currently possessing an arsenal of more than 70,000 videos as learning materials, Zenius is attracting students from all over the country and is aiming to always drive the young generation to never stop learning.

    At the present, apart from co-heading the Business Development unit with Medy, Sabda works on Zenius’s business expansions, experimental content development, product development, programming, and partnership.


    Jordi Castello is a Catalan based in Singapore. He is a serial entrepreneur and multi-frontier explorer focused on the vast potential of digital space. Jordi co-founded and mundoanuncio, Androidlist. In October of 2006, he joined the founding team of, an Argentinean global online marketplace. OLX successfully grew into a company that operates in 45 countries and is the largest online classified ads company in India, Brazil, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, and Ukraine.

    More recently, in January 2015, with his fellow entrepreneur Alec Oxenford, Jordi launched LetGo –a free, person-to-person, mobile classifieds app, that allows users to buy from, sell to and chat with others locally. targeting the US, Asia, and Europe. LetGo is valued at USD 1 billion. It has 15 million items for sale every month, 2.3 million listers monthly, and 80 million downloads to date.

    Jordi’s abiding passions are the development of a new kind of education system, as well as the development of a new structure for society. He strongly believes that thanks to the power of technology and ubiquitous connectivity, it is possible to provide free online education to a massive global audience of children in need of schooling from undeveloped communities, overcoming the traditional limitations imposed by geographical location.

    For the last twelve years, Jordi and his wife Noelia have lived in Boston, Buenos Aires, and Singapore; they have two sons, Alein and Noah. Jordi has a Masters degree from ESADE Business School and a post-MBA from MIT.


    Dimi has lived in the US, the UK, India, Indonesia and Singapore. He speaks Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia, and tinkers with Urdu, Hokkien and Javanese.

    From frying plantains in the kitchens of Mozambique, to filling up gas tanks on scuba-diving boats in the Maldives, to counselling Tibetan refugees in North India — he spent more than a year traveling the world and experimenting with odd jobs.Dimi dabbles in angel investing and has a portfolio of 8 companies.

    He is currently a consultant for Monk’s Hill Ventures, a leading venture capital fund investing into high-growth tech companies in Southeast Asia. He is also an ambassador of Solve Education!, a non-profit that is revolutionising education through AI.

    He was formerly an investment associate at Monk’s Hill Ventures, where he was responsible for deal sourcing, due diligence and deal execution across Southeast Asia. Previously he was a consultant at PwC Strategy (formerly Booz & Company) in London, where he worked with large corporates and PE houses such as KKR, Blackstone and Permira. He was also an operations analyst at Conciliation Resources NGO, assisting in strategic planning for peace-building projects in the Caucasus, Central Africa and South Asia.

    Dimi is currently at Harvard Business School. Previously he read economics at the LSE, where he graduated top of his class.


    Papon Virameteekul is the co-founder of “Wizes Corporation Co., Ltd.” a hybrid educational company combining Augmented Reality (AR) and offline learning. This innovation aims to combat the paradox in an influx of information and the limitation of time, which are the critical issues for the younger generation’s learning process. Traditional memory-based learning is no longer an effective solution; this technique does not promote critical thinking and only taps into the learner’s short-term psychological recollection. Papon and his co-founders recognized the technology opportunity and passionate to solve the problem, Wizes Infographic was specifically created and designed to address those needs. Wizes Infographic book is an instrument that integrates design and psychological theories, such as Gestalt, to assist student to become a more effective and life-long inquisitive learner. Moreover, it creates a unique new learning experience in an ability to analyze complex data without forcing the users to read. To successfully scale the impact, Papon is working with number of organizations and government agencies in expanding the adoption of Wizes to local educational system.

    Currently, Papon is a degree candidate for the Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management at Columbia University. He has a well-diverse experience in Banking, Education, Filming, Insurance, Media Agency, Real Estate and Venture Capital (Monk’s Hill Venture). He has lived in Australia, Thailand, and USA. Prior to this, he has worked at Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL (Leading Life insurance company in Thailand), exploring innovation technology associated with Health-tech, Fin-tech, and Insure-tech for the sustainable growth of the organization. He believes that a healthy education system is an essential element and a driving force towards the economic development. Papon is an enthusiastic towards contributing to with an innovative approach to this conventional industry and building creative learning opportunities for the underserved education population.


    Shannon is the co-founder and Group CMO of Orami – the largest e-commerce destination for women in Southeast Asia – a serial entrepreneur and a passionate Women’s advocate. She is a mover and a shaker, dedicated to building businesses and deeply connected in sectors of Business, Entertainment & Media, and Women’s Rights in Thailand and in Asia.

    Ex-Management Consultant and Investment Banker at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Lehman Brothers, covering Asia ex-Japan and China, Shannon found her niche in International Business Development, Project Management, Marketing, Build Out and Execution.

    Apart from her accomplishments, she remains active in the non-profit sector. She has helped raising awareness and funds via celebrities and socialites with good causes, such as mentorship and scholarship programs and aiding the Fishing Rehabilitation Projects during the Andaman Tsunami Disaster in 2005. In 2016, Shannon was chosen to represent Asia at the FORTUNE’s Most Powerful Women Summit, nominated in the “40 under 40” to watch by Campaign Asia and honored to be Thailand’s Founder of the Year at the Start-Up Awards. In 2017, Shannon joined the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign to be a voice for Gender Equality.



    Vanessa Thompson is a UC Berkeley student studying applied math and economics. Vanessa is founder of, a website and math method she developed to engage artistic students in mathematics. Her method came from growing up with a visual disability that prevented her from reading until age ten. As a storyteller and artist, she is bringing creativity back to mathematics by turning math concepts into stories. In 2014, StorybookMath received a certificate of Special Recognition from U.S. Congress and the California State Senate for STEM. She spoke at TEDx, Stanford School of Engineering, the X-STEM National Science and Technology Festival and JFK University about her innovative methods to engage artistic students in math.

    This passion for STEM advocacy led her to work with NASA scientist, Dr Jonathan Trent, on his NASA biofuel startup, OMEGA Global Initiative. While working with Dr Trent, she started the OMEGA International Youth Council, which now has college and high school students from seven countries and five times zones working to help OMEGA provide a sustainable tomorrow.

    Her goal for the future is to use her mathematics and analytics background to work for environmental and social causes. Her drive to mitigate climate change came from her travels to 41 nations before the age of 17. As a world traveler, artist, and mathematician, Vanessa is thrilled to work with Solve Education! to provide accessible education to students everywhere!