Millions of children and youth drop out of school.

Literacy can help enhance job prospect and improve public health for those children.


We aim to provide literacy to all children and youth who are out of school or do not have access to quality education.

We do it through our unique platform: Dawn of Civilization (DOC), which is a game app that runs on Android, as well as online & offline.


You’ll have access to monitor, measure, and download report of all sponsored beneficiaries’ learning behaviours on DOC.

  • Student Success Scorecard:

We show each student’s learning progress using a periodical line chart.

  • Learning behaviour:

This metric is used to illustrate students’ soft skills, i.e. grit, diligence, and discipline.

  • The Popularity of Minigames:

We evaluate how engaged is each student with the mini-games on the app and how long does each student play these minigames, in minutes.

  • Periodical Learning Intensity:

We detect each student’ passive behaviour or inactivity indicating that they are not interested in learning/playing.

Beneficiaries will get:

  • Certificate of Completion:

We will provide each student with the certificate of completion that states their overall performance during learning.

  • Letter of Recommendation:

We will provide a letter of recommendation for each high-achieving student which can be used to apply for jobs on Solve Employment!

*You can access this portal with a monthly donation to beneficiaries.


1. How much is it to access Learning Analytics Portal?

You can access Solve Education! Portal with your monthly contribution. It is as low as USD 5/child/month.

2. What are the benefits of using DOC to learn for beneficiaries?

3. Can I select which beneficiaries I want to donate?

System will select the beneficiaries. However there are areas you are passionate about, you can leave notes in the donation section, and we will find beneficiaries who closely match your cause.

4. How long does it take to see improvement in their English?

3-6 months of active learning.


Alternatively, drop us a note at