Our vision is for future generations to have equal access to the knowledge economy. To do this, young people need critical and necessary skills and confidence in their ability to learn, adapt to changes and solve problems. Our work reflects our vision, and we hope we can do a job.

Dawn of Civilization

This game is designed by gamers and educators for young people of today, yearning for some fun and engaging learning. More excitingly, the artificial intelligence in the game helps detect what lessons the learners have missed and forgotten so they can master the language faster and more effectively!

Dawn of Civilization is a definite play if you’re a fan of city building games, with the bonus of increasing your language skills. A truly social game!


Solve Employment! (SEmp!) is an extended platform of Dawn Of Civilization (DOC). We link students’ success in DOC with internship and employment opportunities in SEmp!. After students reach a certain level in DOC, our team will send them an invitation to access SEmp!.

We partner with tech companies to provide students with the opportunity to work on micro-tasks such as indexing, labelling, localisation, transcription, customer service representatives, virtual assistants, and many more. Essentially, SEmp! is developed because we want to nurture a safe community for students to improve and refine their skills before they go into a more competitive marketplace.

Ultimate Learning Challenge

This page is dedicated to our Learning Challenge Competition.

Click the image to the left to find out more about the challenge.

Learning Portal

While students get full access to our mobile game app, donors are provided with monitoring and reporting portal. The portal is a dedicated digital space to view learners’ learning performance and behaviour; to see where they are at, what skills they need to improve, and what hinders their progress.

Youtube Classifier

Language teaching experts have been using videos to make the learning experience more fun, engaging, and effective. With videos, you can see the speaker’s mouths, and can better understand how their mouths move. You can pause and rewind whenever you need to, and repeat as many times as you wish. You can slow down the video to catch things that you might have missed. Have a variety of materials to learn English is always good!

With that in mind, we have built a YouTube Classifier for you to make your learning journey more fun and effective. We classify videos based on the difficulty level of the vocabulary used in the video. We use youtube crawlers to discover engaging videos. We then strip the subtitles out from the video. Lastly, we parse the subtitles through our youtube classifier algorithm.

Our English literacy learners have an engaging way to learn, and at the same time, gain exposure to different cultures and way of lives, which they may not be exposed to. However, this research is still ongoing. As below as some samples of our playlists, we would like to hear your feedback!